Midterm and Classwork assignment

Please see the assignment here. Read the pdf .


1. The material in this work book includes the material needed in the final exam. However, everything else covered in the classroom is included in the exam too.

2. It is recommended that all this work should be done by practical testing on your computer.

3. It is recommended that you should implement all the material by yourself. If you ask for help, make sure that you understand everything you had asked.

4. Your answer should be submitted as an organized report with a title page. You should include all the work you have done, drawings, writings, code samples, screenshots etc.

6. Grading of this work will be equivalent to your midterm and classwork.

7. We will discuss the material in makeup classes. Next class is on Friday 2:00 PM

8. Record your time whenever you work on this assignment. Attach your log to your report and your cover page should include the total time spent.

9. A sample title page will be posted. Follow the format.

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