Dr. Tigrek left IUEA

Dear Respected Students,

I want to inform you that I stopped working at the International University of East Africa. I am sorry if the decision has a negative impact on your life, but it has to be this way for the greater good.

I decided to divert my energy, time, family and life to another location in Africa where my efforts can be fruitful and appreciated. Although it looks like a sudden decision, it is an end of a natural process. The process is being patient with one’s environment to make a difference until knowing that it is not the right place.

I have been at IUEA for ten months. I worked hard to be beneficial to the students during this time. That was the only reason I was patient against all kind of odds. However, I believe that one should be able to find the right opportunities and tools to be useful for Africa.

I will not talk about the odds or lack of vision which contradicts the spirit of upraising Africa. I have always encouraged you all to struggle and never give up. By leaving I am not giving up but rather moving forward to pursue my goals more efficiently.

I really enjoyed knowing African students and I am very proud of my decision of coming to Africa. That is because I could feel your energy and see your shining eyes. Therefore, I am not leaving Africa, I am leaving the place which is not concerned about Africa as much as I am.

As for my students of this term, I will be in touch with you as far as you want to continue. I am with you in learning Java and/or Artificial Intelligence. If you have any questions or need any advice I will support you. I will keep posting new material on my website for you to enjoy programming if you desire to keep working on the subject and keep seeking knowledge.

Last but not least, everything you have heard from me for the future of Africa is now on your shoulders. There are no accidents, our meeting was part of the faith of Africa. Now you know your mission and you have to be part of it and/or help spread the message. Remember that each and everyone of you are as important as each pixel of a screen and are part of the picture.

If you need help in this journey I will always be there for you.

Good bye!

March 1st , 2019 Africa

Dr. Tigrek


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